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Boiler Chemicals

We are a huge manufacturer and supplier of Boiler Chemicals including the Silica and Corrosion Control Chemicals which are used in applications that use the boiler. Our Boiler Chemicals prevent the boilers against corrosion, foaming, and Scales Silica depositions. We manufacture the Boiler Chemicals in conformity with the industrial standards to go well with different industries. We offer extremely reasonable prices as compared to others in the market. Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals (Antiscalants, Corrosion Preventive and pH Boosters) that we offer are:

  • Gramicid-22: It is being formulated using latest technology and is used for low and medium pressure boiler. It is a Filming Amine based chemical and works as a scale inhibitor, oxygen scavenger and maintaining the alkalinity of the boiler water. Hence, reduces the need of using 3 different chemicals for boiler.

We believe in manufacturing and supplying high quality Silica and Corrosion Control Chemicals which has led us to become one of the famous. Our company has gained a lot of recognition as Boiler Chemicals Supplier by manufacturing and supplying high-quality Silica and Corrosion Control Chemicals. Maximum protection is provided to the boiler against corrosion, scales silica depositions and foaming by Silica and Corrosion Control Chemicals.  They are made available in different variants, for example:

  • Gramicid-22 acts as a water-softening agent as it has the ability to collect metallic ions.
  • Gramicid-22 also removes the hardness of water.
  • Gramicid-22 has been added with a corrosion inhibitor, which helps in prevention of corrosion. Therefore, it helps in prevention of corrosion.
  • Gramicid-22 softens the water so the blow down frequency is reduced.
  • Since the blow down frequency is reduced, there is considerable reduction in the water loss.
  • Gramicid-22 reduces the water hardness resulting in the prevention of scale formation hence the efficiency of boiler is optimum.
  • Gramicid-22 helps in reducing the fuel consumption by increasing the efficiency of the boiler.Gramicid-22 is cost effective as compared to other chemicals therefore is very economical.
  • Gramicid-22 can be used as an on line descalant as the scales are slowly removed and the scales come out in powder form, which does not block the pipes. This powder can be removed during blow down.
  • Gramicid-22 is compatible with other boiler water chemicals.

 Packing : 30 kg & 50 kg