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Cooling Tower Chemicals

Cooling Tower Water Treatment Chemicals (Antiscalants, Biocides and Descalants) is one of the major products that we deal in. Advanced technologies with the latest techniques have been used in the manufacturing of our Cooling Tower Chemicals. Along with being eco-friendly, our Cooling Tower Chemicals fulfill the essential standards. The products that we offer are:

  • Gramicid-C (Biocide): In order to prevent all forms of water contamination, it is used as a biocide, helping in controlling algae, fungus, bacteria etc. It also facilitates optimum heat transfer, prevents bio-corrosion and energy loss.
  • Gramicid-25 (Antiscalant) :It works as an Antiscalant and corrosion inhibitor in the water cooling towers.
  • Gramicid-17 (Descalant) :It is a prepared Descalant in liquid form used for scales removal from cooling towers, boilers, heat ex-changers, etc.
  • Gramicid-17P:It is a prepared Descalant in powder form used for the de-scaling of boilers & condenser.

Our multifunctional Cooling Tower Chemicals are multi-component product which offers various advantages. Some of them are as following:

  • Most economical solution
  • Biocidal, Fungicidal, Algaecidal & prevents biofilming, due to Gramicid which used as a base in the preparation of Gramicid - C.
  • Have killing action on protozoa
  • Prevent Scaling & Fouling.
  • Prevent Biocorrosion and Chemical corrosion
  • Good dispersant
  • Can be used in all conditions and are convenient to handle. Even accidentally excessive quantities do not harm the system.
  • Reduce power consumption by increasing efficiency of the system
  • No need to use acid to bring down the pH to neutral level
  • Reduce the plant shut down time
  • Offers multi protection with a single chemical
  • Universal use
  • Totally Ecofriendly & Biodegradable


  • Increased life of equipment saves considerable amount of money by keeping the equipment maintenance free for long periods.
  • Being multifunctional, it is most economical as compared to other products available in the market.
  • The quantity required is at P. P. M. level hence very economical.
  • Keeps the heat transfer surfaces clean & optimizes heat transfer efficiency.
  • Brings the temperature down faster
  • The antiscalant added in Gramicid - C prevents scale formation for long time so also the anti foulant of Gramicid - C helps in the water remaining clear from fouling.
  • Shows a wide range of biocide activity both for gram +ve as well as gram -ve bacteria
  • Prevents sporogenesis, prevents yeast formation, fungal growth, and algae growth.
  • Can be applied at temperature ranging from 0ºC to 95ºC, the efficiency increases at higher temperatures. It can be also used in liquids contaminated with organic matter.
  • It is tasteless & odourless when added to water.
  • It does not affect the pH of the treated water in fact it helps in maintaining the neutral pH.

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 30 Kilogram
Packaging Details 30kg,50kg