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Fine Wash Detergent

Known for its extraordinary low foaming qualities, our Fine Wash Detergent is widely used across the country. Having a wetting agent, our Fine Wash Detergent allows for rapid penetration removing the fat, grease, oil, and grime. The Fine Wash Detergent is a perfect solution for all the cleaning operations. We manufacture the Fine Wash Detergent in compliance with industry set standards. We ensure to deliver the required quantities in the least possible time.
Direction For Use And Dosage : Depending on the degree of deposition. It should be mixed with water in concentration of 2 to 5 percent. This solution can be applied simply by moping brushes or rags.
Features, Benefit and Application :

  • Non-flammable
  • Leaves no residue on surface
  • Non Hazardous being Neutral cleaner
  • Can be used for cleaning of woodwork, leather, desk etc.
  • Can be used for cleaning of equipment
  • Can be used for vehicle cleaning and general industrial cleaning purpose
  • Shelf-life is one year in normal storage condition
  • Can be used for cleaning of windows, floor, & walls


Packing : 20/30/50 Kgs. Jerry Cans

Additional Information

Min. Order Quantity 30 Kilogram

Product Properties


light yellow liquid 1.0

Density in g/cm3 at 15oc


Flash point


Ph in concentration at 20oc

7.0-8.0 ph

Compatibility with Metal and Rubber Compatible