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Gramicid-22 F.a. ( Boiler Chemical )

GRAMICID-22  is Filmimg Amine based chemical.It Works as a  sludge conditioner, scale inhibitor,oxygen scavenger for boilers. Gramicid-22 is a combination of Polyamine film forming compound, Neutralizing Amine, Alkalising Amine, Complexing agent, Oxygen Scavenger & Dispersing Agent. prevent the contact of metal surface with Oxygen, Carbon Di- oxide, Corrosion products & scale making ion. It contains all volatile compounds which permit to operate the boiler water on high COC. Thus it helps to reduce the quantity of blow down of drum water & save energy.It Works as a sludge conditioner, scale inhibitor,oxygen scavenger and maintaining the alkalinity of the Boiler Water for low and medium pressure boilers.

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Min. Order Quantity 20